【check in /check out】

Q.What time can I check in?

Anytime after 15:00.

Q.When is the check-out time?

Before 10:00 A.M.

Q.Do you have a parking space?

Yes. We have a free parking lot.
The staff will be waiting at the entrance and guide you.


Q.When should I pay?

Anytime at the front desk while you are staying. Please bring your room key.
If you need to hurry, we would recommend you to check out ahead of time.

Q.If booked via web site, can I pay in advance by credit card?

Yes, You can do it.

Q.Can we have the receipt individually?

Sure. Please tell us so at the check-in time and you'll get it immediately at the check-out.

【guest toom】

Q.Is there a refrigerator in the guest room?

Yes. There's one and its inside is empty.

Q.Is there a safe in the guest room?

Yes. There's a charge-free safe in the guest room.
We also have a charge-free locker in the dressing room of the main bathhouse.
You can keep your valuables at the front desk, too.

Q.How many different sizes of Yukata are available?

LL(6'5''), L(5'10''), M(5'10''), S(5'2'')
We also have wide type.

Q.Do you have any Yukatas for kids?

No. We have pajamas for 1-8 year-old children instead.

Q.What kind of amenities are available in the guest room?

Every guest room has various amenities, including face toweles, bath towels, Yukatas,pajamas(for kids),
hair drier, comb, lazor, tooth brush, shower cap, hand soap, shampoo, rinse.

Q.Is the toilet with washlet?

Yes. Every toilet of the guest room has washlet and you can adjust the shower & the toilet sheet temperature.

Q.What is the material of futon?

Shikibuton (mattress) is made of Tempur. If you'd like the ordinary one, please tell us so.
Kakebuton (comforter) is made of down. Pillow is made of buckwheat husk.
If you have allergies to buckwheat or down, please tell us about that in advance. We can provide you other type futon.

Q.Do you have no-smoking guest rooms?

Yes, we have 9 no-smoking guest rooms.
They are Japanese style room with outdoor bath(ocean view) of 6 rooms, Japanese-Western style room with outdoor bath(city view) of 3 rooms.
Other rooms are deodorized by the ozone deodorizing equipment.
If you're very sensitive to the smell of smoking, please tell us about that when you book.

【onsen/main bathhouse/outdoor bath】

Q.Is your onsen "Kakenagashi_sluice and circulating system"?

Of course. Our hotel has the largest number of guest rooms with outdoor bath in Japan.
The hot water from the natural spring is pooled underground and then it goes around the hotel.
The new hot natural spring water comes into the underground tank and pumped out, then the used spring water is discharged.
This is "sluice and circulating system". As the hot water of both grand spa and outdoor bath is not diluted by adding water, our hot spring wate is strong and pure.

Q.Tell me about the ingredients of the hot spring water.

Sodium, culcium chloride-containing. This saline hot spring water will warm you well.

Q.Utility time of the main bathhouse?

15:00 to 9:30. Including the outdoor bath of the main bathhouse.

Q.utility time of the sauna?

15:00 to 24:00, 7:00 to 9:30.(only for woman)

Q.Are there any towels in the main bathhouse?

Available : 15:00 to 24:00 and 7:00 to 9:30.
Outside of these hours : Please take the ones provided in the guest room.

Q.What kind of amenities are available in the main bathhouse?

maine bathhouse : shampoo, rinse, bodysoap, soap
dressing room : toothbrush, cotton swab, razor, drier (men & women)
shower cap, cotton, skin lotion, emulsion (only women)

Q.Is there a locker in the main bathhouse?

Yes, a locker for clothes and a small one for valuables.

Q.Do you have a family bath?

No. But we have 115 guest rooms with outdoor bath.

Q.Can we take the outdoor bath of a guest room at any time?

Yes, at anytime while you staying.

Q.Are there any types of the outdoor bath in the guest room?

3 types such as rock bath (84 rooms), Japanese cypress bath(18 rooms) and rock bath with foot bath (13 rooms).
The rock bath can be used by two adults together. The Japanese cypress bath is large enough for only one adult.

Q.How is the view from the room with outdoor bath?

92 roms with ocean-viewing outdoor bath, facing Tsugaru straits.
23 rooms with city-viewing outdoor bath, facing street and Mt. Hakodate.
Every ocean-viewing room is equipped with Japanese cypress bath, and every city-viewing room has a rock bath with foot bath.

Q.Can a pregnant woman enjoy onsen?

It is said that a woman in early or end of pregnancy should avoid bathing onsen a long time.
Even if she's in the stable period, we advise you to consult the doctor.

Q.Can we enjoy a leisurely soak without checking in?

We are sorry, our main bathhouse is for the hotel guests only.

Q.I'd like to know the contents of dinner and when to start.

Buffet : 1st floor / Buffet lounge "Nagisa" / 17:30-21:00 (Last start 20:30)
Japanese course and Sushi course : 2nd fllor / Japanese Restaurant "Isaribitei" / 17:30-22:00 (Last start 20:30)
Teppanyaki (Iron Hot Plate Grilling) : "2nd fllor / Teppanyaki Restaurant "Seikai" / 17:30-21:00 (Last start 20:30)
The time to eat can be changed for certain reasons.

Q.I'd like to know the contents of breakfast and when to start.

1st floor : Buffet Lounge "Nagisa" / 7:00-9:30
2nd floor : Japanese Restaurant "Isaribitei" / 7:00-9:00
The place to eat can be on either 1st or 2nd floor for the number of the guests.

Q.Do you have responses to food allergies?

Yes. If you have some food allergies, we will try to respond as well as we can.
Please make your request clearly 3 days before your stay at least.


Q.Do you have a free shuttle bus?

We're very sorry we have no shuttle buses.

Q.How can I get to Nagisatei from Hakodate JR station?

Taxi : 15min. about 2,000 yen.
Bus : 15min. 260 yen
Take No.6 for Hiyoshi Eigyosyo or No.96 for Hakodate Airport at Lane 3.
Get off at Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisatei. Walk 1 min.
Tram : 30min. 250 yen. For Yunokawa get off at Yunokawa Onsen. Walk 7 min.

Q.How can I get to your hotel from the airport.

Taxi : 5 min. about 1,200 yen.
Bus : 7 min. 230 yen.
For Hakodate JR station, off at Yunokawa Onsen, 2 minutes' walk.


Q.Do you have a souvenir shop?

Yes. There're two shops. Delivery service is also available at the shop.
The shop opens 7:00 - 23:00. *The time can be changed for certain resons.

Q.Do you have a coffee room?

Yes. On the 1st floor. 7:00-21:00.

Q.Is there the Internet corner?

Yes, A PC on the 1st floor.We also have Wi-fi,so if yo have your own PC that you can use it.

Q.Is massage service available?

■Body : 15:00-22:00
40min / 4,800 yen
60min / 7,000 yen
80min / 9,000 yen
early time discount 15:00-19:00 40min / 4,000 yen
■Foot este : 16:00-24:00
1,080 yen / per 10min

【rental things】

Q.What kind of rental things do you have?

humidifiers / Each room is equipped with an air purifier combined with humidifier.
CDs / If you want to be relaxed in the guest room, we have some healing CDs and CD players.
Books / We have several books about Hakodate and Onsen.
Others / first-aid outfit, thermometer, water pillow, baby buggy, wheelchair, nail scissors, sewing set,
scissors, fruit knife, trouser press, iron and ironing board, cards, Hanafuda, Mah-jong(pay)


Q.Can we walk around in the hotel in Yukata?

Yes. You can walk anywhere in the hotel in Yukata.

Q.Do you have a temporary keeping service?

Yes. If you send your baggage to our hotel in advance, please write the staying date and the reservation name.
From the airport or the JR station, even if it's before check in time, the keeping service is available. Ask the front desk.

Q.Can I stay with my pet?

No, sorry. Only a guide dog can stay with a guest.

Q.What type of the guests are staying?

We're sorry we don't accept the students on school trip because we have mainly outdoor bath in each room.
Most of our guests are individual such as families, friends and couples.
The guests from abroad are not so many, and are also mainly personal tourists.

Q.Is there a number to call when I am emergency while I stay?

It is 0138-84-5036,
please call to the number if you are in an emergency.

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