The hot spring water with the same ingredient as our public bath is pumped to the private bath in the guest room. You can have luxurious bath time to yourself in the private bath.

115 rooms have a private open-air hot spring

Fantastic night view of squid fishing boats can be seen in summer, fall and early winter.Relax your body and soul in 100% pure hot spring feeling sea breeze on your cheek.

Public Bath For Men

Public Bath For Women

Men's Open-air bath

■Men's Public Bath Facilities
●The Cypress Bathtub 

Women's Sauna

■Women's Public Bath Facilities
●The Cypress Bathtub
●The Mid Temperature Sauna
●The High Temperature Sauna

As tap water is not added to it, Our hotspring water is 100% pure.
The ingredients of the hot spring in our hotel are sodium, calcium and etc. It is efficacious against muscle pain,neuralgia,arthralgia, bruise and the other many pains. That is, the hot spring water is a great stress reliever.


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